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Important Message Regarding Coronavirus

At Premise Health our number one priority is you – our members and your families. During these extraordinary times, your health and safety is our top concern and we are taking every measure to provide you with the care you have come to know. You too play a vital role in helping us protect your health and safety.

Please read the message below in its entirety before making an appointment using My Premise Health Portal.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends that people who are ill with fever and cough should stay away from others. People with COVID-19 (the disease caused by coronavirus) should self-isolate at home during their illness. You should restrict activities outside your home and practice social distancing. If you have a medical emergency, please call 911.

Please call ahead for all appointments. We are temporarily handling routine and non-essential visits through phone or video. If you have already made, or would like to make an appointment, please call the wellness center. This will provide you the latest information available regarding services offered as well as ensure that you are scheduled with the most appropriate visit type.

If you need a refill authorization for your medications, please request a med refill on the portal and one of our team members will be able to assist you.

You may also visit CDC's dedicated COVID-19 site for up to date clinical information.